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Gold Facial

Gold Facial

Gold is a metal of great demands all over the world. Every woman was fascinated by gold. Ancient times… even today.

This craze of this valuable metal was further boosted when gold particles were first suspended in cosmetic gel and the concept of gold facial was launched.

A new era in the cosmetic culture started with gold facial.

All over the world this new concept was launched and gold facial was the topmost facial all over the world. In every country, women were crazy of gold facial. The same concept of gold facial was fascinating Indian women. This is not only a mad craze. One can not fool people with wrong concepts, but few Indian fools, who say they are cosmetologists, started commenting upon gold facial.

The foolish question was:

Do gold particles penetrate the skin?

This article is basically to answer such foolish question of learned cosmetologists. All over India all the beauticians are practicing the techniques of gold facial and few people try to produce controversy, spelling whether gold particles penetrate the skin? The first question for these people is where do they want to penetrate gold particles?

Inside the muscles?

In the dermis?

In the systemic circulation?

In Adipose tissue?

What do they want to achieve through gold facial?

These questions also will answer the confusion created in every bodies mind. The penetration of gold is a question but the technology needs to be understood. First let me explain you certain facts of skin penetration. Previously the books of cosmetology claimed that oestrogen does not penetrate the skin and still it is used in many cosmetics for better results.

But this dream is now come true, due to the advances in skin penetration technology. Oestrogen gel is available for treatment purposes, where this gel is just to be applied on the skin and it gets absorbed into the systemic circulation.

Similarly Diclofenac is a drug, which is a great pain killer. This drug when is consumed orally, the major problem associated is hyper acidity and gastric ulcers. Now the Diclofenac skin patches are available, which causes penetration and absorption of the drug molecules within the systemic circulation through skin.

Also well known example of the skin penetration is the medicinal band available for angina (Heart disease). This band is to be adhered on the skin and the medicine slowly keeps penetrating the skin, absorbed slowly into the blood stream and no internal medicines are to be taken.

During such era of scientific developments and when nano technology is entering the core of the cosmetic treatments questioning the penetration of gold particles is age old mentality of questioning without knowing science. Tomorrow these people will also question the atomic technology because they can not observe atoms working by there necked eyes.

Exact process of gold facial and the penetration of gold and what is does with the skin.

Gold particles are suspended in the gel. When you are selecting the gold gel, you have to be very particular about which companies gels are you using. Ordinary gold gels are plain carbapol gels. Here the gold particles are just suspended in the gel made up of inert carbapol. There you can not assure the penetration of gold particles. Nor you can think of the classic results.

When advanced technology is used in the gold gel, the first and the most important thing done is the gel is self hydrating and penetrates deep within the skin. It contains natural moisturizing factors and specific combination of the penetration enhancers. When gold particles are coupled with these specified things, the penetration of the gold particles becomes easy. More over, it is always suggested that we must perform mild skin peeling, basically using synergistic peels or Grade III peels before gold facial, so as to cause better result from the gold particles. More over it has to be properly understood that gold particles can not directly penetrate the dermis, but a coupled technology, where in the Langerhans cells participate in the process, helps generate the effect of gold particles on the skin.

How Gold Works?

Step I: Preparation of superficial skin for Gold Facial:

The skin is treated with Synergistic peel or grade III peel. This helps minimizing the dead tissue overload, and retarding the keratinized cells which is the major hindrance in the penetration process.

Step II: Hydrating the superficial epidermis:

This leads to the swelling of the superficial epidermal cells which opens the cell gap junctions and the penetration of gold particles becomes easier.

Step III: Application of Gold Gel:

The gold gel which is fortified with Natural Moisturizing actors and Penetration enhancers, when applied on the skin massaged thoroughly, the absorption begins.

One must understand here that gold is a noble metal and is directly attracted towards the electrode. Therefore when we are using gold particles, we can not use galvanic machine for penetration of gold particles. Secondly, galvanic machine is used for process of ionization, where the positive and negative ions are worked upon by the concept of galvanic positive and galvanic negative. Gold particles in gold gel can not be ionized and therefore galvanic machine is a wrong choice.

Step IV:Gold particles and epidermal penetration:

When gold particles are to be softly penetrated, up to a certain extent of epidermis, the best way is using the ultrasonic probe just for 2-3 minutes above gold gel.It is well known that the sensitivity of epidermis is because of the Markel calls and Langerhans cells. The Langerhans cells are phagocytic cells. These are located in the stratum basale. Langerhans cells are phagocytic in nature and can very well detect gold particles when they reach stratum spinosum.

Understand a very important concept, that after skin peeling, we are very close to the stratum spinosum, and the penetration of gold particles up to stratum spinosum is not at all difficult.

Once the particles reach stratum spinosum, they start interacting with the Langerhans cells and the macrophages. These are the phagocytic cells and engulf the gold particles. It should be properly understood that gold particles are non allergic and antibodies against gold particles can not be formed.

When gold particles are engulfed by the macrophages, they release only specific chemical mediators to work upon the gold particles. These chemical mediators can not digest gold particles and release out gold particles after some time. This release back of gold particles is now associated with the release of some specific chemical mediators. These chemical mediators provide their pronounced effect by two different ways:

  1. They promote cell division in the epidermis, which leads to rejuvenation of the epidermis.
  2. They increase the blood flow towards the dermal papilla’s, which improves the hydration and nourishment towards the epidermis, thereby improving the overall skin condition.

Looking at all these criteria’s, it seems that gold has amazing action on the skin. Following are the advantages of gold particles when used on skin.

  1. Gold particles by its action through Langerhans cells, promotes the rejuvenation of the skin.
  2. Gold influences the epidermal turnover rate, thereby making the skin fairer and fresh.
  3. Gold has very good antimicrobial activity, which helps minimizing the infectious conditions of the skin.
  4. Gold particles, through the chemical mediators improve the microcirculation towards the skin, thereby promoting glow and hydration of the skin.

Due to all these reasons gold facial becomes very effective for rejuvenating the skin and improving the overall skin condition.

Gold Foil Facial

Recent advance in gold facial is the complete gold foil facial. This facial has amazing action on the skin. In this most recent and advanced facial, the following procedures are adopted for extremely beneficial results.

The skin is first prepared for the treatment using whitening essence. Whitening essence is a specific combination of peeling agents, hydrating agents and skin glow makers. This peel is applied with gentle massage on the skin which makes the skin more receptive, and the gold particles can more easily penetrate within the skin.

After this treatment the glow hangers are especially available with saffron and gold particles. These solutions are massaged on the skin and the skin is thoroughly hydrated. These are the special oil free formulations. After the application of these particles, the skin is coated with the gold foil. This is a specialized kind of foil. Simple gold foil can not be used for this purpose. The gold foil is specifically detoxified for this process. Detoxified gold foil is applied on the complete face as indicated in the photograph.

This foil is kept applied for few minutes and then the thorough massage is given with the gold penetration gel. This gel is always fortified with the Natural Moisturizing Factors and skin penetration enhancers.

Thorough massage is given till the complete gold foil disappears within the skin. During this procedure, ultrasonic machine is used just for 2-3 minutes for adequate penetration of the gold particles.

Once these particles are penetrated, the skin is supplemented with a special hydrating pack. The results are amazing. The skin looks fairer, soft and remains completely hydrated.

Results are long lasting and amazing, which gives complete satisfaction to the clients. Try out this amazing technology for facial during Navaratri and Diwali season. This can be a topmost facial for your classic brides.

The ultimate technology can make the gold particles reach the particular site of action. Learn beauty science and use this amazing technology for fast and better results.