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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Neharkar’s Studio! We are a Mumbai based Hair-care, Skin-Care and Non Surgical Hair Replacement Treatment, specializing in Hair-care and Skin-care solutions that are free of Intrusive procedures.

Hair Care

A person’s hair is their crowning glory. Critical to your personality, this asset of yours is under threat by various factors; some genetic, some environmental and others lifestyle -related. We fully understand your trepidations regarding Hair Loss. We value your precious tresses and provide valuable expertise against disruptive conditions that blight your scalp, such as the dreaded Male/Female pattern baldness. It is important to remember that it is as crucial to protect and take care of your scalp, as your hair, in order to be free from issues like Alopecia Areata (AA) or Spot Baldness, Scalp Psoriasis, and Dandruff problems. We also undertake treatments to repair damage caused to your hair by various chemicals to which you may have been exposed, even in day-to-day life.

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer world class Hair Extension solutions, for both Males and Females, as a remarkably easy way of completely refurbishing your look in the short-term.

Skin Care

Like your Hair, your facial skin is the prime most important facet of your overall appearance. Prevalent Urban conditions do little to preserve the youthfulness of your facial skin. Consequently, it is never too early to take conscious and genuine care of your largest organ; your skin. Skin conditions are all too common in today's world. We offer solutions to tackle all kinds of skin problems like Acne, Pimples, Scars, Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Moreover, you can take advantage of our skin tightening and anti- aging treatments, making a significant impact at mitigating the appearance of your aging.


Your hair loss treatment journey always starts with a consultation.

At NEHARKAR Trichology Center, we offer complimentary, confidential and no-obligation non-surgical hair replacement consultation to help you determine which solution is best for your individual situation. This private consultation will also determine the specific circumstances from which your situation stems.

Our Image Consultants understand it is key to identify sources and factors in your lifestyle and wellness that can be important elements later on. Once we determine how our range of both traditional and cutting-edge techniques can successfully alleviate your issues, we swiftly proceed to a design consultation taking into consideration the aspects of your existing hair.

Furthermore, based on these assessments, our Image Consultant will tailor a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement plan to suit your needs. At NEHARKAR Trichology Center, we want to provide unequalled support with your short and long-term goals to better your Non-Surgical Hair Replacement care, including the education and tools to prevent undesirable conditions from arising with your hair unit afterwards.

Choosing the right hair replacement option is definitely one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your appearance, your self-esteem, and how others see you. NEHARKAR understands this, which means you only receive unparalleled customer service and privacy.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and assure you that once you experience Neharkar's Studio, you walk away with a completely revitalized persona, and a reinvigorated confidence. Visit us in person at Chembur West or call us at +91 9699404098 for more information.