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Hair Spa

Is hair spa good for hair?

Undergoing a hair spa treatment is the new trend in almost all the advanced beauty salons. The popularity of hair spa is synonyms with that of body spa, which leaves one’s body rejuvenated and feeling as if have gone through a complete change.

Everyone loves to boast off healthy hair. Prior to the popularity of hair spa treatments, straight hair was considered to be symbolic of healthy hair though it did not seem to work for everybody. Hair spa is, in fact, the first and perhaps the last best treatment for dull and lifeless hair. Apart from treating dull and brittle hair, hair spa promises to treat common hair problems such as hair loss, damaged hair, split ends, dandruff etc. Here is why it has emerged as one of the ideal hair treatments for all ages:

  • Hair spa treatments condition the hair enough to leave hair without split ends and dry hair. They gradually settle issues with hair loss, baldness, dandruff and more.
  • Hair spa conditions the scalp and leaves it free from any pollutants or chemicals that seep deep into the hair from the use of chemical hair products and pollution in the air.
  • Hair Spa
  • The hair massages that hair spa treatment embodies stimulate the flow of blood and therefore, strengthen the nerves that are present in the scalp area.
  • Hair spa normalizes the secretion of oil; this helps to keep the level of oil in the hair controlled.
  • Hair spa stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp and increases the metabolism of cells.
  • Hair spa removes all the impurities that seep into the pores and repairs damaged hair.
  • Hair spa not only ensures that hair is growing steadily but also that it is shiny and vibrant.
  • The hair massages that hair spa incorporates helps people to relax to a considerable level. It can also be used to treat stress.
  • Hair spa may seem like a short lived treatment, but the consequences last longer than expected; this is because the treatment works directly with the roots and therefore, promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Hair spa detangles knots, removes dryness and matting.
  • Hair spa stimulates the restoration of vital nutrients by way if moisturizing the scalps and producing a natural shine that starts from the roots to the tips.
  • Hair spa helps the skin to breathe easy. It not only rehydrates and rejuvenates the hair and scalp but also helps to improve softness and smoothness of hair.

What is Hair Spa Treatment?

In this day and age where the dust, pollution and chemicals are all accepted parts of the environment in which we live and breathe, the damage they can cause our hair is most often silent and unnoticed. Until the day comes when you nonchalantly run your fingers idly through your hair and realize that it’s coarser, harsher, drier (or oilier) than you remember it from the days of yore. That is the moment when you should consider a hair spa treatment.

A hair spa treatment is exactly what it sounds like. It is like a day at the spa for your hair. Except that it doesn’t take a whole day. It takes about an hour from start to finish, includes a gloriously relaxing head massage, and gives your hair all that precious moisture it as lost at the altar of styling, pollution, and your lack of time. The treatment relieves itchy scalps, ensures that lost moisture is massaged back into your scalp and cleanses gently using mild shampoos and careful conditioners. It is not a magic wand that will suddenly stop all hair fall issues, but it does go a long way in repairing damage of all kinds.

The procedure begins with a hair wash special spa shampoo hair wash. This mild shampoo is massaged into your hair for a few minutes before washing off. Then, a special hair masque is applied ensuring that it covers every single strand of hair on your head. This is done by massaging the masque (or hot oil) into your scalp and hair. After this rejuvenating massage, the hair is treated to steam. Five to ten minutes of steam therapy for your hair can help retrieve the lost moisture in the strands and roots of your hair, making it supple, smooth and soft. The last step is washing off the masque and drying and setting your hair.

Effects of Hair spa treatments

  • Hair spa helps you overcome all hair problems.
  • It gives protection against pollution.
  • It is a wise investment.
  • Hair spa normalizes oil secretion.
  • If you do not want to splurge in a salon, you could also give yourself a hair spa at home.

    Maintaining beautiful and healthy hair is an arduous task in modern times. The increased levels of pollution and dirt that dominate the environment, coupled with our unhealthy lifestyles have damaging and disastrous effects on our hair. Although this calls for special efforts to be taken on our part to nourish and maintain the health of the hair regularly, the scarcity of time in our busy and fast-paced lives makes it practically impossible for most of us to do so, thereby leaving our tresses uncared and neglected.

Your hair reflects the state of your inner health and well being. India is a fast growing nation and stress is a vital cause for hair problems. It affects the blood circulation to the head and in turn the scalp becomes dry. It adds on to the fungus and sweat thus damaging the hair. Dust and polluted particles from the external environment makes it worse. Hair spa treatments help you to overcome these problems. The complete process rejuvenates, relaxes, and conditions your hair and scalp. It is one of the best ways of maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your hair. It makes hair look attractive and brings a natural glow. So if you want a fabulous hair style, revamp or makeover, hair spa treatments are the best way to go about it.

A healthy head of hair is desired by one and all. While, most of us make a lot of effort to look great but hair care is often forgotten. Hair spas help us retrace our steps from having damaged and brittle hair and they can be the perfect solution for nourishing and rejuvenating your tresses.

Protects from Pollution

To protect hair from pollution and dust is the most common issue that people have to deal with in their day to day lives. Eating unhealthy food adds to hair problems. Thus hair spa treatment is an excellent cure and is designed to combat the ill-effects that chemical treatments and other external pollutants create. It is good for various hair problems, such as hair loss, dull and damaged hair, dandruff, and split ends. It has emerged as one of the ideal hair treatments and is offered by almost all hair salons and spas.

Normalizes Oil Secretions

Among the other hair spa benefits, this entire process helps normalize oil secretions. It increases the cell metabolism and also stimulates blood circulation, while eliminating the impurities present in many pores of your skin. This in turn helps repair previous damage.

Good Investment

Hair spa treatments are certainly expensive but at the same time they are a good investment. Be careful in selecting a product because an off-the-shelf purchase may not be the wisest choice for your hair. Any product related allergy or peculiarity has adverse effects on hair. Therefore, it is important to communicate this to your hair dresser in the spa/salon as they are aware of the product specifics. The use of products and natural ingredients in hair treatment strengthens your hair follicles keeping them healthy and shiny.

In short, hair spas can work wonders for your hair. The entire experience presents a 360 degree remedy for those troublesome tresses!

Benefits of Hair Spa

  • Hair spa helps in making the hair follicles stronger.
  • The best solution for dandruff would be the spa treatment.
  • Spa treatment increases the volume of the hair.
  • Hair spa treatment prevents the scalp aging.

Are you feeling awfully tired and worn out? You need a day at the spa! Massages and other pampering treatments is what you need for rejuvenation. In a day and age where pollution and chemicals play havoc with your hair, a spa treatment can help restore it to its natural beauty.

IApart from a revitalizing head massage, hair spa will help you calm down. The many benefits of hair spa treatment are as follows


Hair spa makes the hair follicles stronger. It deeply nourishes the roots of the hair and promotes hair re-growth. It re-hydrates the scalp without causing dryness of the scalp.

Removes Dandruff

Dandruff can be caused by stress, climatic conditions, hormonal changes and improper maintenance of hair. Hair spa relaxes you and reduces stress.

Prevent Scalp Aging

Hair spa involves the massaging of the scalp, so that blood circulates properly. This helps scalp from the problem of aging and prevents itching.

Mental Stress

Improper lifestyle and work pressure is the reason for mental unrest. Spa treatment involves massaging of the scalp to give relaxation to the head and prevents the excess accumulation of stress on the head and the hair grows healthier.

In about an hour, your hair will be supple and strong. The moisture and sheen that hair loses everyday can be minimized by regular hair spa treatments.