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Hair Care


At Skin Secrets, we design skin care programs especially tailored to your individual needs. We guide you on how to initiate a skin care routine comprising of products, and treatments till you achieve the desired result and follow it with a maintenance program

In our detailed cosmetic consultation with our dermatologists, we discuss patients aesthetic concerns and a detailed medical history as well as design a skin care program according to your needs.

To achieve these goals we asses the following parameters


It is true that your hair reflects your health and adds character and grooms your face.All men and women alike yearn for thick, luxuriant and glossy hair.

There are many reasons for your hair to change in texture,to thin, to shed or one may actually experience more permanent loss.

The commonest cause in younger individuals is dietary and nutritional deficiencies primarily due to poor eating habits and following diet fads.This can result in very low levels of iron, vitamin B12 ,VITAMIN D3 and calcium . Another common reason is excessive handling of hair with hair styling devices , products and chemicals. In recent times there is a higher incidence of male and female pattern baldness in girls and boys as early as in their teens and this could be attributed to lifestyle influences which precipitate hormonal imbalances.Excess of male hormone or testosterone in a female body , high prolactin levels and thyroid irregularities can first manifest as excessive and prolonged hair fall. In older individuals the commonest causes could be menopause in women and familial male pattern baldness in men.Illnesses and medication can cause acute shedding of hair.Nutritional deficiencies are often a cause.

In all age groups underlying scalp conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis.severe dandruff ,folliculitis of the scalp and undiagnosed scalp allergies mainly related to products can lead to chronic hair loss.

Almost all the above conditions need to be assessed and diagnosed correctly.Investigations and appropriate tests can help pinpoint the cause and thus hair loss can be stopped and new hair regrowth stimulated with good recovery over three to six months.