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Hair Extension

Hair Extensions for Women

100% Natural Human Hair Extensions… Simply Beautiful

Now you can instantly add the volume and length you’ve always wanted with the finest quality premium hair extensions for women from Reallusions. Reallusions Hair Extensions are hand crafted from 100% human hair so your hair extensions will make you feel more self-confident, sexy and secure than ever before!

Now you can enjoy increased volume and have long, thick, healthy, beautiful looking hair flowing down over your shoulders. With Reallusions hair extensions, you need not limit your active lifestyle in any way. Enjoy all of the activities you currently enjoy such as swimming, fitness, jogging, and much more.

Instantly Longer with Increased Hair Volume

Hair extensions aren’t just for Hollywood celebrities. Models, actresses, and women just like you love hair extensions, because they can give you instantly longer hair, thicker hair, and provide increased volume where you want it. Reallusions hair extensions are absolutely the gentlest way to lengthen and thicken your hair.

Beautiful, Natural Results

Long or short. Straight or curly. Streaked or colored. Hair removal is easy and stress free! No damage or risk. Comfortable, undetectable attachment.

Amazing Hair Awaits

Think of what amazing length, greater volume, highlights or a whole new style and look do for your hair? What could they do for your appearance? It’s easy to find out because the process takes so little time. You’ll be able to explore all the various hairstyles that that you’ve always dreamed about Reallusions hair extensions for women use an exclusive fusion attachment method that is extremely gentle on your existing hair – especially designed for women with thinning or fine hair.

Wigs For Women

Beautiful And Medical Grade Wigs For Women

Transitions Hair Loss Centers offers the finest quality wigs that allow women to socialize with friends, family, and pursue their careers in the same way as before their hair loss . Many women rely on wigs to maintain their professional presence at their workplace, as well as women who are under going medical treatments and want to conceal their hair loss.

Medical Wigs VS. Fashion Wigs

There is certainly no shortage of bad wigs out there. We’ve all seen them. In general, wigs have a bad reputation, which is well deserved in many instances. That is because most wigs are mass-produced and not designed and created with the highest standards. Therefore, the end result is usually a shoddy product.

Reallusions wigs and chemotherapy wigs are custom designed according to your own particular hairstyle and lifestyle needs. We fully or partially hand tie every wig with 100% human hair. Reallusions medical quality wigs have a smaller cap and base that is created to your own specific type and degree of hair loss. Our diligence in listening to women’s preferences and constructing the wig will ensure that you leave with only the highest quality wig and a beautiful, natural look and style you will love.

Natural Human Hair Wigs For Women

We only use 100% natural human or European hair in our Reallusions wigs and chemotherapy wigs because we know that using only the finest quality human hair is the only way to achieve the natural, full-bodied look that every woman wants in her hairstyle. If you suffer from a medical condition that has caused or contributed to hair loss, our medical grade wigs are lightweight, undetectable, and easy to maintain.

Unlike the challenges of synthetic hair, natural 100% human hair wigsallow you to style your hair as you normally would. Specifically, we use “virgin” hair from Europe. The hair has remained in its natural state without any disruption to the integrity of its composition. The hair has not undergone any chemical processing, which is typical of human hair from other regions of the world. With our natural European hair, your hair will flow as naturally as the hair you once knew. You can blow dry, curl, and crimp Reallusions wigs, which will allow you to maintain your typical hair care routine. Every human hair base wig provides a blank canvas onto which you can create your desired look and style.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

There are times when a wig made from synthetic hair is more appropriate for the needs of our clients. When this is the case, we are very particular about the type of synthetic hair that we use. We use the highest quality of synthetic hair that is not available in a department or hair care stores. Also, the care that we use to construct the wig or hair prosthesis far surpasses that of any wig that you might typically find elsewhere.

Styling Your Wig

A quality wig must be styled. Styling your wig is important to make sure that both the wig and you look fantastic. That is why Transitions Hair Loss Centers have the finest hair replacement and wig stylists in the industry. Our specialists are trained to work with women with thinning hair or hair loss and our specialist really care about how great you look and feel.

Wigs For Patient With Cancer

Hair loss as a result of cancer treatments can be both scary and confusing. If you are an individual that is going through this, we understand that you are coping with not only a serious medical condition, but also with the social stigma that accompanies hair loss. Experiencing hair loss due to a medical treatment can reduce your self-consciousness and your social behaviors. These two aspects are an important part of your healing process. Finding the right wig is an important step to ensuring that your health issues remain private and that your self esteems stay intact.

NEHARKAR Hair Loss Centers

When it comes to what many have called the most important decision of a lifetime, it is important to seek the services of professionals with an impeccable reputation and in whom you can place your trust. Each of our hair loss procedures is custom designed for your unique and specific needs. If you are experiencing the devastating effects of hair lossand would like to learn more about hair extensions that are available to you, please request a free private, confidential consultation with a trained NEHARKAR professional hair loss specialist.